Reports and Papers

Evidence to the PACAC inquiry into Strategic Leadership in the Civil Service

evidence to PACAC strategic leadership inquiry

Report Published Nov, 2018

Complex Systems and Why They Go Wrong

Complex Systems and Why They go Wrong

Report Published May, 2018

Evidence to the PACAC Inquiry into Government Decision-Making

PACACInquiry into decision making

Evidence to the PACAC Inquiry on Civil Service Effectiveness and Capacity

Report Published Dec, 2017

Better (Local) Government

Report Published Jul, 2017

Evidence to the PAC inquiry into Civil Service capability

Report Published Apr, 2017

There may be trouble ahead: the civil service in a post-truth world – article by Richard Mottram

Paper Published Feb, 2017

Parliament and Brexit

Paper Published Jan, 2017

Evidence to the HOL Inquiry into the Legislative Process

Report Published Oct, 2016

The Chilcot Report: lessons for the machinery of government

Report Published Sep, 2016

Evidence to the PACAC Inquiry on the Civil Service

Report Published Jun, 2016

The Grimstone Review of public appointments: evidence to PACAC

Report Published Apr, 2016

Written evidence to the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information

Report Published Nov, 2015

Evidence to the PACAC inquiry into English votes for English laws and the future of the Union

Report Published Oct, 2015

“The Next Government” – discussion with Lord Falconer and Dominic Grieve MP

Report Published Mar, 2015

The Next Government

Report Published Mar, 2015

Evidence to the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee on “A New Magna Carta”

Report Published Jan, 2015

The deployment and development of senior civil servants

Report Published Jan, 2015

Financing Scotland

Report Published Dec, 2014

Coalition Government

Report Published Sep, 2014

Ditchley Conference 2014

Report Published Jul, 2014

Trust on Trial: article by Leigh Lewis

Report Published Apr, 2014

Evidence to the PASC on Civil Service Impartiality and Referendums

Report Published Apr, 2014

Constitutional Responsibilities of the Civil Service: note by Sir Christopher Foster

Report Published Feb, 2014

Evidence to the Liaison Committee on Select Committees

Report Published Dec, 2013

Civil Service Reform – Hidden Dangers?


Report Published Sep, 2013

Good Government: Mid Term Review November 2012

Report Published Nov, 2012

Ditchley Conference 2011

Report Published Jul, 2011

Good Government: Reforming Parliament and the Executive

Report Published Jan, 2010

Cabinet Government

The case for collective decision-taking by Government, its organisation and potential exceptions. The author, Sir Paul Britton, served as Head of the Economic and Domestic Affairs Secretariat between 2001 and 2009.

Report Published Jan, 2010