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The Better Government Initiative (BGI) was formed as a response to widespread concerns about the practical difficulties that government today faces as it seeks to run the country against a background of rapid change. Our work focuses on the processes that play an essential part in achieving sound governance. We aim to canvass the widest possible range of views and to publish concrete recommendations that will be of practical relevance not only to the three major parties but to a wider audience of practitioners, academics and commentators who share our concerns and interests.

The Better Government Initiative was set up by Sir Christopher Foster, a former professor of economics and adviser to ministers from the 1970s to the 1990s. His book “British Government in Crisis” (2005) drew attention to many of the issues that the Group has been considering.

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Ditchley Conference 2014

Proceedings of the Better Government Initiative's Plenary Conference in association with the Constitution Society, Ditchley Park 19th - 20th June 2014

Report Published July 4, 2014

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Following the recent reshuffle, the number of ministers attending Cabinet meetings has expanded yet further to 33 – 22 full members of Cabinet plus 11 others with the right to […]

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