Liaison Committee should stick to its guns

Posted on: November 14th, 2013

Today’s written evidence from the BGI to the Liaison Committee’s inquiry following up its earlier report on Select Committee effectiveness, resources and powers urged the Committee to press the government hard on the need for agreed legislative standards and a Parliamentary Committee to back them up.
Last year the Liaison Committee asked the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee (PCRC) to undertake a review of legislative standards. The PCRC produced a thoughtful and well-argued report recommending the setting of explicit standards for the preparation of legislation and the establishment of a Legislative Standards Committee to monitor their consistent application. The report was summarily dismissed by the Government.
We think the Liaison Committee should stick to its guns. The government’s response to the PCRC report was unconvincing. There is a clear need for additional measures in this area to support Parliament’s constitutional duty to hold the Executive to account.